Here is where I am now

"The idea that you have to hurry up without first understanding who you are at a certain stage, without knowing who you've become is terrible." - Ijeoma Umebinyuo

Like a chameleon, I have been known to change my mind in more ways than one. From my taste in music to my favorite dish to my career path. Call it unfocused or unlucky but I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue after high school. 

You see, I got accepted into University under the Computer Science degree. My second option was Law but a fortnight into a Statistics and Derivatives class, I made the switch to Commerce. I would ace all my classes, except for the occasional fail in Accounts, but nothing a re-sit couldn't fix. When it came down to specializing in the third year, it was pretty obvious that Human Resources Management was my destiny. I mean, I had the people skills covered thanks to my extroverted personality. Besides, there was no way, for the rest of my life, I would be crunching numbers in a financial institution or be standing outside a supermarket promoting and selling products to unbothered passersby.

How I made the transition from intern to HR Manager in less than two months is something that still baffles me to date. The union officers I encountered along the way never let the opportunity to discuss my tender age slide past them during our arbitration proceedings. But despite the hurdles along the way I soldiered on until I no longer could. 

The grass always seems greener on the other side, but you can bet that the water bill is higher. At around the same time is when I learned that money was just but a bonus when fulfillment and satisfaction are lacking in your job. 

Three years on and it has been quite the roller-coaster of self-discovery. Mistakes have been made and lessons have been learned, the hard way nonetheless. But I have and still continue to grow in self-discipline, patience, and industriousness. 

In my element

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