The Home of Champions

You know the way a junkie would normally experience withdrawal symptoms after going for days on end without a sniff? That's exactly how I get when I don't travel every so often. I will have this itch up until I have packed my bags and set out on an adventure.

I hit the road over the weekend with a bunch of people who had been bitten by the same travel bug.

Turn up and Travel was the motto for this trip 😊

Our final destination was six (6) hours away from Nairobi, and a place whose reputation is known the world over. It is one of the reasons why Kenya is where she is on the global map today.

Cherangani Hills

The snake road meanders through Kerio Valley

I have seen a couple of welcome signages whenever I've visited various towns in Kenya but none as impressive as Iten's. I'd probably have done the same if that was my hometown. You know, just incase you forgot where the winners reside 😆.

I always get surprised whenever I travel to a place in the rural areas and find it well developed. I guess that's the beauty that comes with traveling. As Samuel Jackson once said, the use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.

Hill ten, as it was initially known, is home to some infamous Kenyan athletes like the 2012 800 metres world record holder David Rudisha and the current 2017 London Marathon world record holder Mary Keitany.

We got to meet and hang out with the founding father of Athletics in Kenya, an Irish national, Colm O'Connell, or Brother Colm as the locals like to refer to him. From our interaction it was evident that he was passionate about the people of Iten, particularly the young people. He started a school where he not only coaches his students on athletics, but focuses on their personal growth and development as well.

Evening session with Brother Colm

The icing on the cake was catching the sunrise. Not even the biting cold could stop us from witnessing the spectacle that was the big golden ball ascending from behind Hill ten.

Golden sun rays blanket the road to Iten

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