Insights from Snowden; Movie Review

You remember again that thing of a lot of people, including me, saying that they want to change the world? Well, here it is again. I never thought I would watch a political movie which would leave me with ideas, but I found one. However, this is because this one is based on a true story. It’s a “2016 dramatization of actual events that occurred between 2004 and 2013.” This movie is called Snowden; it’s about a man called Edward Snowden.

A human being can be satisfied by changing one person’s world or a bunch of people’s, depending on different aspects. Human species are smart and intelligent among other things. But when you scroll down the list of the characteristics of a person, you are bound to read that a human being is selfish. Of course, that is how we are made, just like we say in Kinyarwanda “Iyo amagara ajugunywe hejuru buri wese asama aye,” which means something like, “When guts (nerves, bravery, life) are thrown up in the air, everyone grabs his/her own (when they fall back down).” So, it’s kind of rare to find a man who allows his own guts to fall down to destruction while he saves other people’s.

Being brave may be called being stupid, cause some people may look at you and say, “Wacu trana say man? Wacu trana prove? The world’s run this way dude, and there’s nothin’ you can do to change that, so just drop it!” True! So damn true, ‘cause at the end of the day, if you risk your life, some of the people might turn their backs on you, like what happened to You-Know-Who, and if they don’t, they won’t or can’t save you like you did them.

I call this man a hero, not because he broke probably the most feared government’s rules and disclosed the files of the National Security Agency (NSA), but because of the risk he took in telling the world’s watchdog (that’s us) that people’s phones and emails and other stuff were being recorded and that kinda stuff. He left his life, his family, even though he knew that it might cost him his life. I’m just thinking that if he never disclosed these secrets, he would have been one of those people who have everything, and yet they are unhappy because of different missing pieces in their life-puzzles.

This leads me to say that the most important thing is that Edward Snowden is happy; the real one. He said, “When I left Hawaii, I lost everything; and I had a stable life, a stable love, a family, a future, and I lost that life. But, I gained a new one, and I am incredibly fortunate, and I think that the greatest freedom I’ve gained is that I no longer have to worry about tomorrow, because I am happy with what I have done today.” How satisfying is that! Like I wrote in one of my poems, a very important person to me told me that what is more important than happiness is joy, because joy gives people peace whereas happiness is just a mood that comes and goes. Sure, if he went to the US, things might turn out very bad for him because he probably broke the law, but his purpose is done, and dare I say, he is a badass. Or, better put, he is really brave.

Life might have been lonely and sorrowful if he had been alone, but his “stable love” Lindsay Mills joined him in Moscow, Russia where they now stay. Snowden is really a super-man, and what people could call 'a knight in shining armor.'

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