They Should Stop Picking Ngugi wa Thiongo for Nobel Prize in Literature

[Ngugi wa Thiongo has lost the prize since 2010. Photo: Business Today]

It is now shameful, bad and malicious that the Nobel Prize organization has been placing Ngugi wa Thiongo in the run for the Nobel Literature Prize since 2010 till now without awarding him the Prize.

Ngugi wa Thiongo didn’t win the 2017 Nobel Literature prize since it was scooped by British novelist Kazuo Ishiguro. Whoever puts Ngugi on the longlist has ill-intentions to humiliate our literary icon who has penned many books under his name. They should stop it if they have no intentions of awarding our Ngugi that prize.

To make it to the shortlist, Ngugi had been picked from a list of 350 nominations and tipped as the writer who would walk home with the Nobel Prize in Literature. It was however not to be.

Ngugi wa Thiongo has a big list of novels, plays and children stories under his name. He has made his name as a literary icon not only in Africa but also abroad where he teaches Literature. His novels such as Weep Not Child and The River Between have been adopted as school set books.

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