Pool Table Lights Repair and Maintenance Tips

Just like any other investment you have in your house, you need to maintain and repair your pool lights and ensure that they are working at all times. This does not only give you a conducive environment to enjoy your game, it also ensures that you spend less on your house cumulatively. When you fix small issues before they degenerate, you save yourself a huge budget in the near future. We dived in the topic of lighting repair and maintenance and came up with the following tips that can be of use to you.

Always Switch Off The Lights When Not in Use

Though many people ignore this tip, it has a huge impact on the wearing off of the lights. Most bulbs have a lifeline of 1000 hours continuous lighting. When you keep it on when you are not using it, you are simply running its clock down. Switching off the lights when not in use also ensures that you save on energy at all times.

Check The Wiring Regularly

Though this may sound wired, you might find parts of your lighting wiring worn out. This happens mostly with pendant lamps that have some movement allowance. Check the joints to ensure that they are compact. This will keep you safe from accidental fires and blown bulbs.

Always Fix Leaking Roofs

When you have a leaking roof, you may think you are safe because your wires are coated, however, this should not be the case. With time, the wires wear out and if you are unlucky they are destroyed by pests like mice which gnaw on them. The open wires can cause short circuiting and end up compromising you whole house lighting. To be on the safe side, always fix any leaking roofs or any other leaking pipes in your house.


Though we dwelt on three tips alone, we feel that these are the most important tips that you need. You can get more tips like this on sites like snookerly.com and you will be more enlightened on this topic and so much more. Do not forget to tell your friend about these useful tips!

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