My 2018 Resolutions

2017 is almost done. And 2018 is in the vicinity coming. Some years back, I was not one to make new year resolutions. Why? They are so overhyped and I am no guy who likes going out with the flock. So, I would not make resolutions and would allow one year go and another come.

But since I started having a winner mentality and realized the importance of written down plans, I am a sucker for goals and resolutions. And so, as next year comes, I want to be ready with targets. I want to set my mind ready for action.

  • For one, I want to scale my online businesses. In 2017, I  have learnt that I can make good income from affiliate marketing and 2018 is when I scale that even more
  • I have not been very good with my physical well-being. My body right now is not the best I would have loved it to be. And so, in 2018, I am going to go through this awesome phenq review diet plans and exercise my body more. I also want to eat less of junk food but concentrate on what my body needs. According to phenq reviews, most of the foods we take are not needed by the body. They are just that: junk!
  • My spirituality has not been at its best. And as such, I am going to work on it by going to retreats, having prayers with the family and being more prayerful.

So, those are my main 2018 resolutions. Of course more are going to come in and I will add them to my list. For every month, I am going to have targets on what I want to achieve before the month is done and when it goes, I will stock-take and see what I have achieved.

So, what are your 2018 resolutions?

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