US Elections: What is Your 'Consign'?

I'm sorry to disappoint you; you may find other grammatical blunders down the road, but not in the title. My tisha (teacher) taught me better than that. It is the colloquial language that has littered the atmosphere during this US election period by some indifferent and sorry to say, ignorant Nigerians.

In proper English: what concerns you? How can it not consign you when the country with the second highest imports to Nigeria is holding an election? Don't you know what this means for bilateral trade between both countries? Are you aware that the United States has the world's largest economy and majority of International transactions are conducted with the US Dollar? Or do you want them to stop sending iPhones to us? If they decide to turn off the internet from the other side because of some racial bias, do you think Phillip Emeagwali can save us? Or don't you know they have a kill switch?

I guessed as much, you don't know the meaning of bilateral trade and kill switch. Do you even know who Phillip Emeagwali is? Inventor of the internet! Legend or myth? Story for another day.

Yeah! Whatever.

Let's talk about the Bretton Woods System? Oops! My bad. You know what, let me just give you a brief layman's introduction to the forex market. In fact, I am tired of explaining to you, I'm not teaching you again because I know this is too much information for you to process.

In this present age, such ignorance about the domestic and global implication of the US election cannot be accepted. Hate as you may, the president of the United States is the president of the world.

Even the Maasai tribe of Kenya are probably sitting in front of their favourite 3D TVs or have a radio receiver at the centre of an enthusiastic circle of people; so why would any man whose survival has been heavily pegged on Western trade believe the US election is not his 'consign'.

Here in Nigeria, it has been more of a battle between the enlightened and the ignorant - those who understand the effect of the outcome vs those who blindly ignore the existence of globalization.

It has not necessarily ended in scuffles or bloodshed, no breaking of bottles and bursting of heads. The chief barbarians in that respect are even oblivious of the existence of an election. Let's call them 'Ignoramus squared. The good news is that a large proportion of Nigerians are more enlightened than before about the importance of the US election to Nigeria. I'm sure our Texan brothers are the most concerned.

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