I Think I've Found "An Africa Voice" 

Time will tell, I kept on telling myself. When I won't have to worry for a place to air my thoughts on the emerging technology ecosystem in Nigeria and Africa. Although, there are platforms for one to share his/her thoughts on Africa. Anyway, before I begin to swim into an abyss of telling the Africa emerging technology and startups stories. Come join me as I celebrate the advent of Akoma. 

Having read and watch what Akoma stands for and even applying for the Amplify Fellowship Program which I later wasn't selected for, I've come to the conclusion that I've found an Africa voice. The Africa continent is arguably believe to be a land full of opportunities. But, over the years, many of us have failed to realize and tell this story and we waited earnestly for "Wise Men" to tell it to our faces.  Apparently, the "Wise Men" came. The vagueness in their stories made us follow their path and led to the exchange economy where our human and natural resources was exchanged for ephemeral products. 

 Growing up as a kid in Lagos, Nigeria wasn't quite easy, but each time I travel to visit my grand mother-the tales of her story makes life easy for me. Wondering how a mere story could do that! She'd sit us down on a mat, told the tale of Nigeria past and we'd listen like a cat waiting for the sound of a rat.  She could feel the intense interest in our eye like an Imam waiting for the sun to rise. My son "Nigeria is good back in those days, we don't worry about what to eat, the festive period is the only time we do have a look at eating rice, building or owning a house doesn't cost a fortune, the exchange rate wasn't this bad and  there are abundance of everything and we live happily". She said. I wondered how rice that is much appreciated here seems to be of less value for those in those days. However, the beans we do scoffed at is now being serve as our daily bread. Owning or building a house, and starting a business now seems like a camel wanting to pass through a needle eye. 

The world is evolving and Africa is emerging. The rise of tech startups are skyrocketing and early-birds in the tech ecosystem has gobbled investment from Silicon Valley's giants. Tony Elumelu believes this is the right time to be an entrepreneur in Africa. But, I believe if you really want to be an entrepreneur in Nigeria, you'd have to appease the gods of Yaba to have your back or preferably learn the Yaba way. Africa is ripe and I want to tell the story through Akoma and any other true Africa medium. So far, the likes of Bankole Oluwafemi, founder of Techcabal and Yomi Kazeem of Qzafrica, Victor Asemota of Guardian have been in the fore-front of telling the true Africa (Startups, Tech & Entrepreneurship) story.  The time has come.  

And for my grandma. I would have told her to come to Akoma to tell all these stories but she had kicked the bucket some years ago. Grandma, if you are divine enough to be reading this now. I promise to carry on your written song which wasn't sung.

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