Hustle AfriKa

Hustle hustle

Solve that puzzle

Be it today or tomorrow

Or even next year!

Who gives a damn when you make it?!

You are never late for your own dreams

Your life is no roman circus

Others have made it?! That's cool

Don't you ever envy somebody's dreams

Since you have no idea how he/she fell asleep

Get your own sleep and dream your own way

But, grab every opportunity by its tail

Life is no rehearsal

You might get two or three second chances....

But second chances are for the weak...

Come on, you can do better

Dig deep down into your hidden mines

Gold and diamonds are waiting to be pulled out

Don't let them decide whats good for you

Let them blablabla about how superior they are

But don't let them make you their inferior

They might be superior over pigs or something

But not over you AfriKa!!!

AfriKa, I always hear about all your wrongs

And I wonder how you manage to keep your beauty?!

There is something about you that makes you different

You just aren't aware of it

You are so resilient

Babylons tore/are still tearing you apart

But they never got hold of your core

Since you are more than what they seek

You are more than oil and gas

You are more than diamonds and gold

You are more than any minerals that lie beneath you

Since you are habited by the best people ever!

As dumb as they might act sometimes

They are geniuses and pure souls

Unsheakable believers

Discoverers of miracles:

Medicine,Religion,Math just to name a few

I wish they were friendly and lovely amongst each other

I wish they had each other's back.

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