I wrote a poem for all the beautiful, plain, strong, weak women who surround my existence. I called it SheLEADS. I want to share it with you, here enjoy;

She is far more precious than Jewels

She is Gracious, She Gets Honour

She is Beautiful, Plain, Call it what You may in Appearance

She Leads.

She Opens Her Hand To the Poor

She reaches out her hands to the needy

Strength & dignity are her clothing

She laughs at the time to come

She is not contentious and vexing

She does not send her man to the roof corner

She Leads.

She opens her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness

She does not eat the bread of idleness

She is not quarellsome and fretful

She Leads.

Serious, not slanderous, sober, faithful in all things

Submissive to her husband as He is to her

She fears the lord so,

She Leads.

She could be the total opposite of all that has been written

She could be nothing near to all that is expected

She chooses to live constructively not destructively

Bone Of His Bone, Flesh Of His Flesh - Woman.


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