Hillary Clinton Inspires Young Women In Kenya #AmericaDecides

The United States of America is in labor, and in a few hours we will know if it is a boy or girl. For the first time in American history, a female candidate became a major party nominee. Hillary Clinton’s candidature has no doubt inspired many, not only in the USA, but also here in Kenya. Here are a few reactions from young women who are hoping for a girl.

JanetMbugua Ndichu - Media Personality & Girl Child Advocate

“While women have made great strides in attaining leadership positions over the last decade,this would be the ultimate turning point; a woman heading the free world. She's made me realize there's absolutely nothing that can't be achieved as a woman. Nothing. You can soar; you can run a family and run a company. I'm inspired to reach beyond what I ever think I could, barriers and all. It's a great time to be a woman!”

Mumbi Ndung'u - Communications Specialist & Entrepreneur 

“Nothing is impossible - even the word impossible has possible in it. Hillary's courage goes along way to defy status quo, to give me hope of breaking barriers however tall or hard they seem.I am more humbled than proud to have lived at a time that the world deems it fit to to choose a woman, a mother, to take charge as a top presidential candidate and hopefully the next leader of the free world. Viva Hillary!"

Wanja Kibuki- Founder of Vitabu Vyetu

“Hillary Clinton running for president has shown me that as a young woman, there is nothing that I can't achieve, and I should not put limits on my goals.”

Martha Wakoli - Founder, Shaping African Conversations

"Hillary Clinton’s running continues to illuminate the obvious truth that empowered women are limitless. As a mentor for young girls working in the male dominated engineering field, her example serves to motivate me and all other young ambitious African women that with determination, even the seemingly impossible is attainable."

Julian Kamau – Online Editor

“To be honest, Hillary has very many short comings, she has been in government for a long time and done some mistakes. She might not be the best candidate for presidency but by all means she is way better than Trump. First of all, women hold a very special place in my heart and just by Hillary being a woman fighting against many odds to get the top job in the world impresses me big time. Hillary would make history as the first female American President, which will go a long way in encouraging girls worldwide.”

Linda Obilo, Digital Media Expert

“I do not just believe, but I expect that in the next 20 years Kenya will have elected a woman president. A Hillary Clinton (and possibly, crossing my fingers, a Michelle Obama presidency in the future) just shows me that the world cannot hold women back anymore... These women are paving the way and presenting opportunities for women to take up leadership places and support each other.”

Margaret Muthee- Writer

“I think it's inspiring and it will definitely be a historic moment not only for the US but also for women around the world. Her win means a break to some stereotypes people have against women. Yes women can occupy leadership positions and do better than some men counterparts. I hope she wins; it will surely serve as inspiration to women around the world. I hope to see more Kenyan women occupy more leadership positions even here."

Venoranda Kuboka – Team Leader, Youth Changers Kenya

"Hillary is a woman who has proved that despite the social constructed gender roles women can take up powerful leadership positions.Despite the shaming she has experienced in the past, she has stayed focused, remained strong and continues to influence many through her leadership. She respects human rights and diversity. Hillary has an amazing fighting spirit she continues to inspire many young girls and women across the globe to vie for political leadership."

If Hillary Clinton does make it to the top, she has her work cut out for her. Young girls and women look to her as a pacesetter, and will be following her every move. One thing is for sure, her stepping out has inspired many to pick their dreams and aspirations off the floor and fly them high.

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