At least complain!

Stop complaining? Then what? Will everything be okay if I stop complaining? I know the opposite is most likely to be true. 

Complaining is not good or bad. Complaining is an absolute necessity. Especially in this capitalist world. Everyone is concerned about his personal profit. Everyone is looking after his interests. Everyone is obsessed with their own welfare. That is why we ought to fight for our rights. The question is how? The answer is... At least complain! And who says you should not complain? Who says we should stop complaining to make this world a better place? No. Impossible. That cannot happen. In fact, if we really want to make a difference we must keep complaining even harder because this is the right time to complain. If complaints annoys anybody, let them wear earmuffs. But they should know that when negotiating is out of our reach, complaining must always be part of the deal. Let's be frank, do we even have another choice? If we cannot negotiate towards fairness and justice in this capitalist society, we have no choice but to complain. Yeah, to make audible, sensible, and rightful noise. 

It might shock you or fascinate you but our ability to complain is our greatest strength. I say so because there are people out there wanting to label it [the art of complaining] another way and of course give it a meaning that is only in their favor. We cannot accept injustice because it is unpopular to complain. What we complain for is actually more important than the mere act of complaining. How can we-in our functional senses-tolerate all the injustice around us? Who is so indifferent and equally ignorant to say all is fine and good? Who is able to spend all his lifetime deeply frustrated inside about the dysfunctional state of the modern society yet pretend all is well because he fears to be labeled anti-social and conservative? What do we gain from observing so-called mannerisms of keeping silent about the obvious truth? Primarily, we must complain because it is our a natural way as human beings to express ourselves. We should never allow fear of rejection to become a barrier to fighting injustice and oppression. We should never keep silent about it because if we keep silent, greater oppression will come and gain momentum easily and speedily.

As people, we must complain to claim our rights and dignity. We must not deeply care how other people might see us or what they might think about us. Because it does not matter significantly what they say about us as long as we know and understand ourselves better. No one must intimidate us. No one must make us feel guilty of standing for ourselves. We must not allow anyone to call us names. Complaining is not a sign of weakness. Complaining is a sign of bravery. Bravery means standing for ourselves even when we might be afraid. Complaining is the only way to show our resilience the oppressor and be in position to defend our dignity. Keeping silent is cowardice. Cowardice is accepting defeat without a chance to fight. We are not cowards. We have strong hearts and sharp minds. Keeping silent is accepting all kinds of injustice and corruption to thrive. Keeping silence is giving permission to the oppressor to destroy us without any resistance. Keeping silence is conspiring against ourselves. We must not allow evil to thrive. We must dare to fight. We must challenge the oppressor. We must stand firm. We must fight back. We do so through telling our truths. We do so through revealing our feelings. We do so through self-expression. 

Therefore, complaining is our powerful weapon against injustice and the oppressor who brings it. We must not hide our anger. We must not hide our passion. We must tell the whole world about it. The world must never forget us. The world must remember our bravery. Our complaints must be written and never to be forgotten. We must complain and do so with power and persistence. No one will stop us. No one will silence us. We know our rights. We are more powerful when we speak out. We are stronger when we unite. We are truthful to one another and loyal to ourselves. We do not hide the truth. We only tell the truth. We should not lie by hiding the truth. We should never stop telling the truth. We are not ashamed of complaining. We are so proud of complaining. We will always stand together to complain for our rights. We will never be silent about injustice. We have dignity and integrity. Complain with dignity. Complain with purpose. If you cannot negotiate towards a fair and just world, at least complain!

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