A quarter-life crisis.

I always looked forward to turning 25 and I finally did on June 23rd, 2017. Needless to say, I had big plans on how I was going to spend the day, I was going to make it memorable maybe take a vacation or party all night long and blow 25 candles while making a silent wish. That’s how I imagined my birthday was to be, well that didn’t happen something close to the opposite happened. I hated that day but now looking back I think it was a way for the universe showing me that 25 isn’t that great, it’s actually terrible for the past few months I feel like am going through a quarter-life crisis like the one people go through when they hit 50.

I find myself battling with questions like am I still young or am I finally old, have i accomplished enough for my age, am I supposed to be In stable relationship by now, am I a let down to my family expectations of me, am I on the path of living my dream, will things get better. such question linger my mind every day. Now, these things only bother me because deep inside I probably know I haven’t accomplished what I thought I would by now.

I don’t know if everyone goes through this but I am and it sucks, some of the things am learning are crazy and I never saw myself appreciating them, like sleeping in or preferring to stay indoors to a night out partying. Also time seems to fly and exercise is starting to become a thing my body needs so being healthy starts to be a priority, am also finding myself experiencing a 3 day hangover after a night out, my body is not handling as much alcohol as it used to, so be aware you future 25year olds your day is coming. Oooh yea and bills even if you are still at your parents home you still have to keep up with fashion trend,events and friends hangouts that your parents aren’t likely to cater for,

But even with all this confusion and dilemma, I find that there is some positive to it. There is personal growth in me like now I know what I enjoy and what I don’t, I don’t try to win everyone's approval, I am more comfortable with my personal style and more open-minded to situations.

I have 7months to go before I turn 26 so I know I still have more stress to deal with, more failure to undergo, more of me being a mess, more answers to give to people who think that my life should a certain way by now…yea sucks right? Well, that’s 25 for me. Maybe 26 is going to be better till then I will hang in here until a better option pops up.

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