'He left Home for Home'

Often times when Africans migrate within their continent, it’s considered in the context of underdevelopment, war, disease or hunger; but that’s just a perception.

Well, there might be some instability in some parts of Africa, but there is also massive development in most parts of Africa and that comes with numerous opportunities that every African can grab and contribute to the development of the continent.

With the several African migrant ships drowning on CNN news, what they don’t tell you is that only 15% to 20% African migrants are taking the route to Europe and that 80% do so inside the continent.

See, you probably didn’t know that, hmm, you probably thought that every African is excited to cross the red sea, Mediterranean sea and all the seas.. NO! its easier to cross the lakes, the lakes that bind our countries. Its easier to relate with the people, easier to fit in.

So, someone help me tell ‘Donald Trump that the numbers are not really that high and that they are reducing with time. And that we are really excited about intra Africa migration, business and trade.

I had a very interesting conversation with Yann Gwet, a very successful journalist who migrated from West Africa in Cameroon to East Africa in Rwanda. His wish is for the 20% of the Africans outside the continent to see Africa in a different way.

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