Have you ever?

                                       Little things

Have you ever had a sudden rush of happiness through you, out of nowhere?

Little things can make us happy as much as/or more than big things.

I was on my way somewhere when I rode with these professional journalists all around me. They were chattering and laughing when I suddenly realized that I looked like the kid among them, and that they have been in the profession for years.

Then I thought, “Damn! What the hell am I doing here?” The thought did not frighten me or shock me. It filled me with wonder instead. I was then aware that I wanted to be like them one day; to be an expert and all grown-up.

Of course I see them almost every day, but the difference then is that they were out and talking about normal things and socializing.

Before that moment, I had just met someone I have seen ever since I was little. He used to present French news and he was always very enthusiastic, you could literally hear it in his voice. So, we (my siblings and I) nicknamed "Madame Monsieur Bonsoir" meaning (Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen). He used plural form, but we were just kids, we heard it in the singular form.

So, when I met him it was a wonder and I couldn't stop smiling. And I thought, one day I want to be someone for sure, who inspires people perhaps. Seeing him in the flesh was just unbelievable. Reba McEntire said "surround yourself with people you can learn from," and to that I add "if you want to get somewhere."

The moment filled me with joy; almost the same as finding yourself surrounded with business men and women in suits at a conference in Marriot hotel! God! It was ...

Anyway, I took this moment, enjoyed and learned from it.

In a context of little things making us happy the thing is, life is a struggle. We keep fighting everyday with no desire to let go because good life is so damn delicious.

But along the way, there are minor things that make us smile; a small genuine and honest smile feels a lot better than a big fake laugh.

Quinn, Tina and William

So, whether it is seeing your whole family at dinner, talking and laughing; realizing that you ate at all; watching your daughter play with dolls and realizing that she is 2 inches taller; looking at your wife asleep even though you had a fight last night; or having a nice conversation with your best friend where you are laughing or shedding a few tears; you gotta live the moment for as long as it lasts and be grateful. Those are little things to notice but they are enormous and gigantic.

Rachel, Mercedes and William

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