Human Bats(Excerpt from Mombasa Raha, My Foot)

"Nothing gets a family out of poverty faster than a daughter with a white boyfriend."

~ Kenyan Coastal Proverb.

When we step out to see the ones we left behind

They see us as successful business folks

Business ladies in Nigerian headscarves

Enticed by our riches, these gullible vultures

The eager looks for a few banknotes

Are all too common and predictable

Because of our failing leadership

And pathetic joblessness

They see us as gods

Achieving the miracle of having wads

So they bombard our phones with messages

"Please, aki, siste, hook me up."

"Aki, buda, ni kubaya, si uniorganizie mradi hiyo yako?"

If only they knew

We are human bats

We satisfy others

And seek satisfaction in strangers' eyes

We find gratitude through our body parts

We are content with the humiliation of licking 'sweet nectar'

Just to be tested as to whether we were up for the challenge

And are lied to just for a fee and a few

Gymnastic exercises filmed by a shady crew

Barely even remembering whether we have protection, ama du

Mombasa Raha, my foot

So you wanna be a human bat?

You wanna show people the many vacations you have gone to?

And not be blessed to smooch their beer guts

Brush your teeth with their dicks

Or be blessed to suck their bendy, limp sticks?

You wanna be tricked into thinking you are satisfying

Yet the truth is you are disgusted by that very clitoris tongue flicking

And are sickened by these fake "Moaning Lisas"

Who think you're too amateur to eat pussy like a hungry Civil War survivor

And have no idea they only wanna see if you can stoop so low

So as to do anything you are told for a small handout

So you can take your unsuspecting girlfriend out?

Can you handle the many mornings

You wake up to a tripod stand?

Knowing you are not even close to being a filmmaker

But are a star in a project by a blue filmmaker?

When the fog of drugs

And the ecstasy is gone

And you are left with a wad of notes

But a hollow and empty soul

Will you pick yourself up

And face all you once knew?

Will you be strong enough

To do the same with clear eyes?

Or will you immerse yourself in a fog of drugs

And a kilo of makeup

To hide the shame

That you are only strong enough to unzip Savco trousers from Le Sponsor

So you can get more than what you get from HELB sponsors?

That you are only good enough for one night

Yet you are much, much more than the low you have sunk

You human bat?

© Haroun Risa 2016. All Rights Reserved

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