Happy Holidays

Christmas is just a few hours away. What are you planning to do on Christmas? Most people spend time with their family to celebrate Christmas among other things. However, some have lost a true meaning of Christmas. Possibly, this meaning varies. When I read the word Christmas, I thing it relates to the Mass of Christ.

We grew up celebrating this day as the birth of Jesus Christ. Some people refer to it as Christ’s birthday. However, other people feel that what Christmas is all about is Santa Claus; kids and adults.

Christmas is a good holiday to celebrate Jesus Christ but some people have a better way of celebrating it by helping the needy. They feed the homeless; contribute to help the poor; buy them clothes and share a good meal with them. These are actions that are moral and selfless; actions that are Christian-like and that doubtlessly make Jesus Christ smile, if they are done with a true heart.

We have the poor and the rich in Africa and to leave in this world, we boost each other up. Allow Christmas to have a true meaning to you.

So, Merry Christmas everybody!

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