Systems and Functions

The attainment of an end no matter how simple, in everyday life, at work or play depends on the system applied.  A system is a structural universe built to accommodate and sustain a defined series of local functions and interactions within a nucleus. Behaviours within this space changes with internal and external variables. Good Systems are built with an in-depth understanding of the requirements and behaviours of subjects with possible variables under certain conditions in a given time.  Therefore systems are subject to modifications from time to time depending on original intent of creation and results achieved.

Systems are built to be applied to domains. If we view food business as a domain, a restaurant owner will have cooks, cleaners, servers, cooking equipment, a good space etc. to accommodate her customers. Her restaurant is the system applied to engage and participate in the food industry. The efficiency of the system she builds around her staff and customers will determine how successful her business will grow and well she would have participated in her domain. Systems then are then arrangements or vehicles to participate in an endeavour or meet an end.

In the lives of individuals, the mental and physical systems built and applied determine how well they function and respond to situations; if they will progress or regress in chosen endeavours, how they are raised and raise their children, what they will ask from life. We find that systems might eliminate the feel or sense of personal identity in a subtle way. The life of the individual has been consciously planned by the tribe within which the young individual grows to become a person. This is what we call culture, a seemingly all-encompassing manual for living life. This spreads to the religion practised, things believed, modes of behaviour in public and private spaces, full lists of expectations from life.

Governments are the best examples of systems, the plans and structures of those put at the helms of affairs determines the quality of lives of the citizens, the general culture of the people, the ways different arms of government relate within themselves and the citizens, the ways powers are defined and shared within the organs of the government, duties and responsibilities of citizens, role of politicians and leaders etc.

A chosen domain for the ultra-ambitious feels like a vacuum; he feels he can create his methods and apply himself to get his ends. By asserting himself and creating his methods, he may be successful after many attempts at mastering his domain. Conquerors have always been known to destroy existing systems and apply their own. Their security lies in giving the conquered what is new and slightly or never understood by them, having control over processes and organs of the systems.

The best way to occupy an existing domain is to build a parallel system that is independent of the extant one, replacing it when opportunity presents itself. This is the case of African youths who cry for government help and need for infrastructure. While this is extremely important, challenging and relying on a failing system consumes energy that could be directed to create something new that grows with time, as it matures, it displaces the failing system, the failing system becomes irrelevant and dies, It has no choice.  People are attuned to what works and serves them, so support will come. This is very difficult but it is the most efficient. This can be seen in successful coup d'etats, business takeovers, everyday dealings, even in family lives as a failing father become irrelevant and his manhood taken over by the mother.

 We find that critics and apologists who condemn the opposing systems on joining such platforms become impotent. One would think they would change the state of things, but most times they fail. We see this in those outspoken and intelligent fellows who on joining government they criticize start voicing unbelievable opinions, lose their steam, become complacent and gradually sink. This has always been a problem, they know the things going wrong with the other party, proffer innumerable solutions but they do not solve the problems when on board.  They drown in these systems.

But we also find the ones who build entirely new domains, create new industries, new entertainment etc. determining the systems to be applied. Though most times pioneers suffer and never reap rewards, but some pull it off.  If people like these are very smart and creative, they would be immensely wealthy before the world understands what they are doing.

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