Chibok Men

We talked to our brothers from the north. Men from Chibok, the ones who ran, they have moved over many miles but are still stuck. There is no escape from memory. Humanity will always surprise itself; we never know what we are capable of till we allow chaos. We become animals, we run or we fight. Either method aims to preserve life, or maybe life subtly aims to preserve itself.

Violence changes the perpetrators and the victims forever. It is in the space between conflict and peace that one suffers the most, this region of anticipation and despair, when things appear to be formless in your personal universe, where you know deep down nothing is certain.

 No matter what we do, we will always be observers of other people’s matters, what we did not experience will never be ours. We can only collect others stories, events and patterns of history. The Boko Haram wahala (menace) was once a small rat which we ignored, it found partners and they all mated in mad frenzies. Now we are here.

We asked our brothers, "What does home mean to you?" Each gave his answer in his own fashion. (See Video Below)

                                                                                                  Mele Kolo

                                                                                             Dakwa Abdul

                                                                                                Peter Habila

It takes a series of unfortunate events to be naked and in need. As far as the human experience goes, there is no security. Over the last few years, I have met highly intelligent people from the north who had interesting lives and high ambitions but found themselves on the streets of southern towns hustling hard for bread. Only systems keep civilization in check, once systems fail it is hell on earth. In the end our governments can not save us, what will help is man’s tolerance and respect for each other, allowing other people to live the ways they deem fit. Fighting is an expensive exercise but considering human nature it is the last resort when all else fail. We hope those forced to flee will return in peace to reclaim their lives.

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