Life is good, but at times it surpasses our own perception, making us wonder what it entails. Grabbing every concept that rekindles the inner beauty associated with the strength and weaknesses is the key challenge to young generation.

The dawn of times is associated with aging fast. The light to grow and eternity is a shadow to the younger generation. Distinguishing the surroundings never lays out the natural beauty we always yearn for.

Find the peace that suits both your needs and that of others. Live to create chances for selflessness builds no castle, but destroys the existing ones. Why cry over spilt milk when have every energy to survive.

Be your own watchdog and all the tunnels will be light with truth, honesty and transparency in life. The end of it all you will enjoy the life and the sole reason for living a happy life.

The beauty is in the eyes of the bare holders and appears to be more appealing when given freedom. Never forget this, freedom has gotten responsibilities. Therefore, it’s upon oneself to take responsibility of our freedom to choose what we want in life.

Every excuse in the media into why your success is limited lies in your mind. Renew your mind and you will enjoy the power of living.

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