Stay Humble Lest You Pull Your Groin!

Pride makes a King fall, right? A big YES would be my answer if I based it on the stories I’ve read in the Bible and heard of throughout my lifetime. If I’m to base it on my own experience, I’d say otherwise.

Allow me to introduce myself first. My name’s Gael Tunga Rutembesa. I try my best to live for Jesus every day…well…that’s what I think most of the time until God reveals my heart in some of the most humbling (by “humbling” I mean “painful”) unusual and unexpected ways.

Among many other things such as music (I’m a rapper by the way), I love martial arts. My mum still doesn’t understand why we get excited watching two men in a cage beating each other to a pulp. Personally, it’s just competing and I love the skills some fighters possess. I’d love to talk about them but that’s for probably another time.

So, there I was planning to start my morning workouts again after a long time, but since I didn’t want to run, I decided I’ll be doing a little skipping, shadow boxing and kicking, and maybe a few burpees in between.

I woke up to the sound of birds singing and in my still sleepy mind, it sounded like the war horns blowing, letting the world know that the warrior is awake and ready for WAR. I got ready and went out to the verandah where I started with a good warm up, skipping up and down, bouncing to the rhythm of the songs my phone was playing. Man it felt good. As I started the shadow boxing and kicking, I was so amazed at how much I hadn’t lost over the several months of no training. My punches were still on point, still quick and fluid,…and I could still kick high. That was my highlight. As I enjoyed myself, I noticed a motard (motorbike taxi or taxi moto guy. I don’t know what to call them) watching me from outside as he waited for his client (my neighbor). “Nice. Let me show him more. He wouldn’t want to mess with this. Let me give him a story to tell his friends today.” And I kicked high. I kicked a little higher than I could. “Ouch! Why? What was I trying to prove really?” I hadn’t pulled my groin in such a long time but I was reminded how bad it hurt that day. I also remembered it may take up to a week to heal. “Walk it off boy! Don’t let him see you in pain. You are just done with your workout for the day. Pick up your skipping rope and walk casually back into the house. Make the limp seem like a bounce of triumph. There you go with your pride again.” Just like that, it was done… in a split second…pride took over and caused a week’s worth of damage. And what would I have gained in the first place…or lost if I showed off with success for that matter?

Pride is something that sneaks in undetected most of the time, and if not checked, it will definitely make a King fall. It ruins relationships. It downsizes others, it makes you “entitled” to everything around you, it hinders your spiritual growth, it hinders your mental growth, and it hinders a good casual healthy workout, and pulls groins. Stay humble no matter what. You have nothing to lose.

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