Just Do...You!

September 15th, 2015. The night I performed at the first “Tales of a Masterpiece” in which I gave my testimony and told the stories behind some of the songs I performed that night. I got a call from a friend when I got home that night and he thanked me for my testimony, and told me how it helped him realize that he wasn’t the only one going through hardships as he thought I was one of the cool guys who got it all together and what not. Man! That was deep.

Ever since, I’ve noticed how more and more he has become open and comfortable around others and me. I don’t know if it was a direct impact of the show. Praise God if it was. But, I had no idea what a cool, smart and uniquely hilarious dude he is, and it makes me wonder why it took a while for him to open up the way he has. Maybe it’s simply because he’s an introvert. I don’t know. However, among many others, one reason I think why we take long to open up is because we are so afraid of how we’ll be perceived by others. We hold ourselves back by thinking we don’t fit in, basing on the differences between how we dress, how we talk, how we behave, our financial statuses, and many more.

Why is it so complicated to just be ourselves though? I mean; did God make a mistake when He created us the way He did? If not, then why do we have to work so hard to impress people, losing ourselves in the process? One rejection from somebody leads us to revise and reinvent ourselves, only to live an exhausting life constantly forsaking our true selves to fit in, and Oh! To be rejected again by someone else. Man! What a miserable life! This reminds me of Lecrae’s quote, “If you live for their acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection.” Mmh! I look at so many artists losing themselves as they constantly reinvent themselves to keep up with the public’s favor, and see how much that statement is true. The same goes for all of us.

The truth is, not everyone will like you for who you are. It is what it is. But, stressing over it everyday like you don’t have a God who made you and created you just the way you are is, like I’ve already mentioned, exhausting. Besides, what you get by being yourself is being surrounded by people who actually love you for you, regardless of whether they think you are weird or not, or agree with you or not. That awkward laugh, your perspectives, your emotions, your fears, everything unique about you is what makes the right people be blessed by you.

Even when it comes to God, being your true authentic self before Him, in His presence, is true worship connecting you to Him. Whether you pray while shouting, in silence, through singing, crying, dancing, pouring out your praises or disappointments to Him, just be you. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. You are beautiful just as you are. You are His masterpiece and there’s no one on this earth just like you. So, do you!

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