'Feeding on ICTs'

After attending the very first ‘Internet for All’ forum organized by the World Economic Forum and the Government of Rwanda, several questions arose that related to where investment should be focused across the country.

The Internet for All initiative is a very brilliant idea mainly because it can massively transform the countries in the Northern Corridor (Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Rwanda) over a short time frame. That 25M people in Sub-Saharan Africa will be digitally connected by 2019, is so GREAT!!! Right?

These countries have been trying tooth and nail to figure out the quickest wins to fast track this process. However, internet access is only possible with good infrastructure.

Since the biggest population of Africans live in villages, a lot of rural-urban migration is the talk of the day.  

 However, on whether rural dwellers consider internet as a priority is a good question to ask. I spoke to the CEO of TIGO Rwanda on whether this is the right time for Africa to embrace the Internet as the forth industrial revolution.

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