To Africa. On Demand.

How do the economies of the world define “business as usual”? Whatever the answer is, Africa defines it differently.

The economies of members of the African Bank Group are seeing incredible rates of growth across a number of key metrics. Population growth, economic stability, urbanization and infrastructure development numbers are all well above global averages.

In the next 100 years, the population of Africa is predicted to quadruple – there will be FOUR times as many people in Africa. This increased population will live longer, be more concentrated in urban centers, be better educated and spend more, per capita, on goods and services. The opportunities are mind boggling.

While these numbers are all very well and good, but what really sets Africa apart is the rate at which things are happening. Consumer habits and tastes change with every percentage change in economic data and the businesses and enterprises that thrive on the continent are those who have learned to be agile and take their ideas and products to the market to meet the ever changing zeitgeist. And let’s face it, people in Africa are becoming less willing to wait for local companies to meet their needs. African companies have to transform. Sometimes daily.

That kind of constant review, implementation and measurement, on which business success in Africa can be built, requires a business solutions infrastructure that can keep up with the needs of the business and the customers.

This need is one of the reasons that IBM has created an online Marketplace center that helps businesses find the right solutions, wherever and whenever the need arises.  A website that any business, or any user can access to find, try and buy the latest technology solutions that will help them enhance or scale their business. But there’s more to IBM’s marketplace than just selling software. There is a team of people, IBM experts, who are sitting, in Africa, ready to talk with African businesses of all shapes and sizes about their need to succeed.

Like the continental economy, the IBM Marketplace is growing. Adding new products and services, available on demand. To Africa.

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