Young & "Boujee"

After snoozing my alarm for the 4th time,  a phone call from a childhood friend gave me the urge to get out of bed on a sunny morning, filled with the joy of holiday bliss. After 120 seconds of listening to him nag about how it's going to be annoying to go to work the following day and wishing mid-week holidays will be moved closer to the weekend no matter how significant the day is, the purpose of his call finally spilled out.

“Chale we dey go play golf… your mind dey?“ “Huh?” I was lost in his boujee world and even wondered where this idea ignited from. Apparently his boss was going and he wanted to tag along, gradually learn how to play and then join the elite tournaments to aid them in corporate networking.

I lazily combed through my wardrobe of shirts and t-shirts for a particular Polo T-shirt I had never worn before. I figured I had to look the part to be able to blend in.

After easily navigating my way to the venue, I met Nana Yaw  with two other gentlemen looking like Forbes list most underrated billionaires.  Apparently they went shopping at the newly opened sports shop at the Mall a couple of days ago. I was perplexed at how they planned a couple of days ago and just gave me a 30 minutes heads up.

To my astonishment he replied, “But you always make busy so I figure say long thing.“ I retorted, "what’s long about asking me if I’m interested in hanging out to play golf?" Well, I asked in August  and I’m yet to get a reply.

Well since i was also just there for the "vibe" , I grabbed my camera and decided to create a narrative about their day.

A pose for sheygey reasons
The ball boy evenly shares the balls amongst them
Safe guarding balls and petty thievery on going. I love candids so I'm not snitching
Busted !!!
I was delegated to keep the balls safe
Nana Yaw swings
Blaming his golf club for his short falls
He bursts into laughter whenever any of his comrads miss a swing

Ball boy returns with more balls

Off Duty ball boy showing them how to swing properly

Portrait mode for his IG

Portrait mode for his IG

Portrait mode for his IG


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