Damn !

28th October!!!!! With less than 24hrs left to a deadline, I dashed to my desk to play God. Enhancing 30 raw files from gloom to bloom in less than 24hrs seemed impossible but it’s either that or news of your disappointing customer service is shared as a bulletin to her friends on her big day.

A double dose of pressure creeped in via social media, pop up notification reminding me of the relevance of the deadline. Micro seconds afterwards a message chimed to remind me that if I were even to be done by 12 noon, on the 29th the images would be irrelevant.

A hailstorm of solutions came in mind…do I outsource? Do I just hook her up with 5 pictures and come up with an excuse to justify it?

I sailed through my lazy morning by watching an episode of the “Simpsons” to calm my nerves and set my mind at ease. No early morning run nor breakfast to drift me into my comfort zone.

My youth is the foundation of me and I’ve always been allergic to failure especially when I can defy or can have a hand in the odds.  Stylus strapped, headphones on, I dove into the realm of post processing with the plan of making her an Ashanti melanin goddess. I sent her the first image and her response was affirmative. I had defeated failure.

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