Dance, Football & the SDGs meet at the Biggest Party in Lagos this Weekend!

SustyVibes is a social enterprise redefining sustainability advocacy for young people in Nigeria. They have in the past one year consistently used both offline and online activities to engage both young and old in the sustainable development Agenda. On Sunday, 28th May 2017 SustyVibes, in Partnership with Twitter Premier League, will be holding the biggest party in Lagos to showcase how dance and football can be used for SDGs advocacy.

Endorsed by UN Deputy General, Amina Mohammed and Federal Ministry of Environment, SustyVibes has gained impressive membership and partnership from international and local organisations alike, they have in the past one year, taught over 500 school children the SDGs, launched the campus clean-up initiative in partnership with Clean-up Nigeria, published an e-book on business sustainability in Nigeria, hosted two  Susty parties in Lagos and Abuja, held four movie screenings, interviewed over 30 experts on the site and are currently building a database for Nigerian recyclers.

To celebrate their first year anniversary, SustyVibes had a week long event in April that comprised of a movie screening, street conference  in Mushin, Sustainability by Design workshop and other online activities.

As an extension of the anniversary celebrations and a way to continue their work on SDGs awareness; SustyVibes will hold their signature SustyParty on Sunday, 28th of May, 2017.

The party will be held in partnership with Twitter Premier League; a social media driven semi-professional football tournament in Lagos State that will also be celebrating their third year anniversary at the Susty Party Event.

The Susty Party Lagos themed - “Dance for SDGs” will infuse dance and football around SDGs conversations with young people in Lagos,  According to SustyVibes, “the theme is aimed at  creating, evaluating, and refining effective music and dance interventions for SDG awareness in the developing world. In particular, they  are looking at how young people can collaborate with their diverse passions and skills to educate more people on the global goals”

The Susty Party Lagos will surely be a fun way to meet new people and learn something new about the global goals. To register for the party, click here.

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