Love. Not All. [Episode 2]

"Oh, no! Not at all," he blurted. Then he laughed. He didn't know why, but he laughed again. "This is getting embarassing," he thought. "It's not wrecked at all. Just a dent. You should be more careful next time, though," he said, getting his composure back together. She had the most beautiful smile, though. He smiled back.

"I'll keep that in mind," she chuckled. "I'd still like to fix it if that's okay." He shrugged. "Let me have your number. I'll have my mechanic give you a call tomorrow and get it fixed. Deal?" "Deal," he replied, with another pointless smile. 

The rest of the journey home was a little absent-minded for him. He couldn't stop thinking about her. Women weren't a novelty for him, but this one was different. That was something about her that he couldn't just place his finger on. He was smitten, he had to admit that. 


She had basically forgotten all the troubles that had plagued her that day. She kept replaying the whole fender-bender situation in her head. WHO IS THAT GUY AND WHY WAS SHE THINKING ABOUT HIM?!  He didn't exactly fit her 'spec' - although those that have, have all been trash so far - but she was... attracted to him. The thought surprised her.

Even her mum knew there was some kinda 'glow' about her when she got home. She quickly went to her bedroom, took off her shoes, booted her home computer and dialled her best friend on Skype. No response. She sat on the 80-year old wooden frame of her bed and dialled her cousin. "This one is always ready for gist," she thought. "Hello." "It's me. You will not believe what happened to me today. I think I have found my husband and father of my kids!"


Next episode next week!

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