Thank you, Obama! 

I knew this day would come but I prayed it wouldn’t manifest. I didn’t want to imagine a day when the first black family in the White House would take their final bow. 

This Kenyan girl is morose.

I watched President Obama deliver his final farewell address in Chicago. I stared at my laptop screen intently, eager not to miss a single nugget of wisdom that would be thrown my way. Obama is a phenomenal orator and 25 minutes into his spectacular speech, I was already fired up. 

He’s always had this wonderful gift, communicating emotion and calling people to action. As I watched him, I felt like they were taking away my favorite uncle. The fun uncle who inspired you, gave you sweets and piggy back rides, but who when he scolded you, albeit softly, never left you feeling dejected.

President Obama reminded me that I am great when I am inclusive and work together with others. His famous campaign slogan, “Yes We Can,” made us see that it is essential to walk together if we are to achieve optimum growth. He was a firm believer that if we put our differences aside, we can see that we are nothing more than travelers heading in the same direction.

The Obamas have always had a special place in my heart. The family, close knit and in love, showed the world what black love looked like. President Obama loved the First Lady Michelle Obama and we could all see and feel it when they looked at each other, talked about each other and joked around with each other. Black love never looked so inviting. Through the love he had for his daughters, Obama broke down the stereotype that black fathers are never there for their kids.

The 44th President of the United States showed me that everything is possible. That all we need is to simply see each other as human beings who can achieve whatever we set our minds on. 

Yes we can!


 Yes we did!


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