Christella Bijou:Rwanda’s talent on the illustration field

Her art is recognisable at first glance with its distinct soft lines, minimal use of colour with a retro fashion feel. Sitting between portraiture and fashion, Christella Bijou draws inspiration from the fifties resulting in graceful women caughtin a moment of pure bliss. Her Instagram is like an editorial magazine, cohesively committed to refinement and pretty things. But who thought that the gorgeous mind behind this whole artistry isactually an ICT graduate with a bank background?

Illustration has always been an area to which she devoted pure pleasure. Back in Canada, the self-taught was selling illustrations on the side, which were printed as greetingscards and large canvases. But seeing Kigali’s creativity industry being sprung up from every corner on the web was simply appealing. Hence she decided to comeback after 6 years of complete absence. 

With the web turning the world into a network society, could the e-commerce market represent a tantalizing opportunity? The most renowned illustrators have figured out ways to capitalize on their craft to deliver what we call today branded content, such as The Hess sisters whom Christella admires immensely. And if Megan Hess has managed to design from pizza box covers to Louis Vuitton store windows and Dior Perfume packaging, Christella Bijou’s determination could highly pay off too.

The use of illustrative elements is more used than we think and branded content offers endless possibilities for brands to strengthen their messages in a quick and simple manner, from prints on products, advertisements to website designs.

Indeed, we are all eager to see Christella Bijou’s progression and journey in success.

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