Why in Amadioha’s Name Would Anyone Start a Media/Content Startup?

The thing is, doing a media and/or content startup these days can be quite daunting. You’re never the first to market, there are many others doing what you want to do. And doing it well. Cash is key, in order to build your audience, you must have content, and quality content is content you must pay for.

"So what in Amadioha’s name would inspire us to do something like aKoma?"

Well, to put it simply, we are on a mission. One that we admit is evolving, but has at its core an unwavering commitment to surfacing the best of Africa’s stories, and getting them the audiences they deserve. Anyone who has built or attempted to build a successful venture will be quick to remind you that the team is just as important as the product itself, and that is the reason I have written this short note to the world.

The squad behind aKoma is an eclectic and talented group, and we are hustling like the venerable Lagos street vendors to bring aKoma to the world. I won’t get into too much detail about each one of us, but I will say that if there’s any group of people who can deliver on the premise of aKoma as a storytelling hub for the various cultures and countries that comprise Mama Africa, these people are it.

And I am very proud to be a part of the team.

Here’s to you Alanna, Naledi and Zain.

Stay tuned, and hop on for the ride. It’s about to be on, people.

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