My name is Aswif Omar aka Captain I will be back. I am a boat captain in Lamu. I transport passengers from Lamu Island to the mainland and other touristic areas.

At 5:45 am, I wake up and go to the mosque for my morning prayers. 

From the Mosque, I explore the beach. Then swim back as the sun rises…. 

I take my breakfast then head for the lake to clean my boats. I start my job between 6 am and 7 am depending on schedule of the trip.

 I own the Lamu Uber company with the boat names: I'll be back, I'll be back two…….. …and I'll be back soon. With my Lamu Uber, I do airport transfers and rides from one island to the other.

Some days I do six trips and others I do two to three trips. To me there is no bad day.  All my life is ‘a good day’ because I do what I love. Sometimes I take a rest and have fresh seafood; bask under the sun, and meet the good people around me. We have good weather, no traffic, no alcoblow, party every day and making money.

The Lamu Uber (I'll be back company) carries up to 10 people. The sailing dhows take up to 12 people. 

I have the sailing dhows that I use to take people snorkelling, fishing and BBQ on the beach, swimming with dolphins, sunset cruise, sailing around the islands, sailing at night under the full moon, visiting takwa ruins. Etc.  I had a chance to view and snap the super moon. I took tourists with me in my boat and they were very happy. 

Picturesby Aswif Omar. 



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