Calabar Carnival: Around the Scene

December 2015. Yeah yeah, so what? Well, so I was in Calabar to spend the Christmas and "check out" the Carnival. I was able to take the few pictures my perpetual distraction by the lovely costumes could allow (The pretty girls were slightly distracting too. Right? I’m glad we are on the same page).

So I got there early…

...and the environment was as lively as this man's face

Then came this vibrant guy with his unicycle...

Who does stunts on a unicycle? What happened to strolling and texting?

What a shameless show-off. I can drive a car and probably fly an aircraft simulator; yet I cannot ride a bike. Unicycle? I hate the guy. In some cultures, it is called envy. (citation needed)

Then came some commerce...

Be your own model

Wait till Bugs Bunny sends you a friend request.

Where she got hers, I cannot tell.

Then came the "Hats and Spectacle Battles"

Warning: The man on the left should not be confused with Big Bird on Sesame Street

"Oya, camera us"

Girl on a mission

Meanwhile, somewhere during the carnival...

Er...I'll just stick to taking photographs.

"I don see you. Dey waka come, I dey near the 'walkover' for Marian"

Fan and handkerchief? Global warming must be real

Then came a squad...

...followed by another

How to Rock a Carnival: Vol. 1

Let's have a mini carnival, shall we?

After hours of standing in the unforgiving sun...

...fatigue becomes a norm

Time for some necessary refill.

Should we just go home?

Yeah, I think we should.

I kept hearing people around me complain about how the 2015 edition of the Carnival was relatively disappointing. Generally, I try to avoid such conversations. It was my first time at the Calabar Carnival so even if I wanted to compare it to previous editions, I just could not.

 I enjoyed the dances from the local and international bands. Brilliant costumes, stunts that stretched the definition of agility and dance steps that would make Kaffy jealous. What's there not to like?

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