Boots with Casual Outfits

I’m not trying to show off or anything but most of the time when I am walking around going somewhere, I can see and feel people staring at me, whispering about my clothing, judging my appearances or admiring my outfits. This mostly happens in local areas but once in a while it also happens in classy areas. Plus, my bestie keeps telling me that I am dressed like a hippie, even about the outfits I didn’t make any effort too choose. So, why is this? There are many reasons for that but the constant elements are two: my hair and my footwear.

Now, I want to focus on the footwear which isn’t just any. The Boots. Yep. In Rwandan fashion, dare I say, they don’t understand the boots, especially as something to wear on a daily basis. Girls wear flats, ballerina shoes or slippers and that’s just it. To go out, the footwear is high-heel shoes which are great; however, boots have different sizes and so they can be worn for both occasions. I saw some celebrities in Rwanda who had knee-high boots on for performances or video shoots. Nowadays though, boots are starting to be normal footwear, at least a little bit.

As someone who’s been wearing them for quite a while, even though people can make you feel like you’re so out of place in them, there are normal styles you can just add one thing or two and then the outfit turns into something completely different and quite creative. Today since Rwanda has a cold weather, it’s a perfect season to wear the boots.

The boots will keep your feet warm especially if they have a cloth inside or a fur-like material. If they are just leather inside, it won’t be that awesome, your feet will burn if it gets warm. In addition to warming you during the cold season, boots will save you when you get into a muddy road; many local roads are very muddy. That is why when you go mountain-climbing in the Northern Province of Rwanda; you are required to put on rubber-boots. But for style, leather boots are the choice. Mud can of course be bad for leather; make it old soon, but sometimes you don’t have another choice. Plus, boots are way better than slippers, flats and sneakers because they get less damage.

For skinny tall women, they can wear knee-high boots with jeans or any other pants and it looks really awesome. For a casual outing or school, make sure to choose knee-high boots without heels. The same clothes can also be worn with short boots; this also applies to women who aren’t tall but with big buts. Moreover, a girl with a tall body can put on leggings and a very short dress with the knee-high boots, and it looks dope. Or she can tread the dress for a small skirt and put on a top; the outfit is equally dope.

Now, for women with big asses, knee-high boots don’t look quite the same with jeans or pants, especially for women who aren’t tall. But what looks so classy and much better is those boots with a short dress. Take an above-the-knees loose short dress, put on a medium-sized belt with the same color as the boots, and a black jacket or a red one. To make it more creative, you can wear a hat on your head, or if it is too much, you can tie your hair into a pony tail. You can put on some non-extreme jewelry and make up, if you want to. With this, you can go on a date and make heads turn.

Furthermore, for a cold weather, leather boots look great when you also put on a leather jacket. And for high heeled boots, you can of course go out in them.

I hope you like the photos and can see how normal boots can look on you.

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