Bliss Picture, the Rising Photo Star

In the center of Kigali City, you will find many businesses. One of those businesses are photography. Even though photography, is everywhere in town, the services offered by each business are different. Bliss Picture is one of the photography businesses that just started. Founded by Nathan Mugisha, also Known as Bliss, a fashion model, photos Bliss Picture has this glow that can literally make you want to each the picture.

In a short interview I had with Nathan, he explains the services offered by his company. He said, “We offer life style and fashion photography. In life style, there is wedding photography, anniversaries, graduation events and other events; baby portrait within frame, book or mini album and other services f photo studio in fashion. We deal with commercial photos for big and small companies, where they buy our photos and use them to advertise their products…”

That is just a pinch of what Bliss Picture can do. You may wonder about the bonuses and promotions given by Bliss Picture. “Services that make our clients stay are many. We have a product called #baby memory, where we take all studios equipment and come to your home with our props and do the photo-shoot with your baby… The biggest bonus on a wedding is that we only deal with photos and cover your video for free.  For baby memory, we give you a free small pocket album which is portable; and for our clients there is some discount on price for each service we give them.”

During the latest Made in Rwanda Expo, Bliss Pictures was able to showcase their products. For future exhibitions, Nathan Bliss said, “Apart from Made in Rwanda Expo where we were in Live Creative Photography as a short exhibition, there is an other Photo Exhibition which will take place in July at the Office in Kiyovu. We will be there with a lot of innovation… Do not miss”

So, for Bliss Pictures, this is just the beginning; a lot more and better is to come.

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