Better Late than Never.

BETTER. Betty bought a bit of butter but the bit of butter Betty bought was bitter, so she bought a bit of better---the number of people that get tongue tied when attempting to recite this tongue twister surpasses Bill Gates’ net worth.

Enter Mpumalanga Zwane. Swaziland in the house. Poetess. Do not call her that. Poetess is rare in contemporary usage so she prefers Poet. Tongue tied? Never. She is a spoken word artist whose performance can make one pay value added tax for their attention; dangles your ears in transit; all the while feeding your meddling mind the kind of meal that is co-signed by all your ancestors. This is all before bringing down the house - along with your preconceived ideas on feminism, sexism and coloniabloodylism. Fearless I tell ya!

Betty bought butter, not because she had failed to make her own butter, but because she probably did not have the means at the time to make her own butter - leaving her with the option of spending money to buy an already made product. Naturally, the butter was bitter (it probably had a human centred approach but not specific to her needs) so she unfortunately had to spend more money in order to buy a bit of better butter to make the bitter butter better.

This speaks somewhat to Mpumalanga’s life. 

She found herself buying into the few options that availed themselves - succumbing to this way of life for longer than she should have. A big percentage of these options did not reflect the Southern African goddess that she is. Mpumalanga was fed up of having to lead a life created by others for others. She yearned for something that would permit her to exercise, feed and nurture her creative soul. She did not want more. She wanted better. She decided to create this reality through her spoken word artistry. More creativity and less consumerism.

LATE. It takes time to locate yourself in this new age but that does not mean you should take your time. Things take time and Mpumalanga is standing up for this truth at the witness box. Her talent hitch hiked its way across the world before returning to its rightful owner. It arrived a tard bit late but that in turn left her determined to utilize every second and every minute (feel free to break into Kendrick Lamar's Poetic Justice song) in perfecting the craft. 

Mpumalanga did not opt to buy more butter after she found out that the butter was bitter. She took it upon herself to come up with her own ingredients and create her own damn butter. I don't know about you but this is the way forward.

NEVER. There is two things Mpumalanga never wants to lose. She cannot bear to lose. Unfathomable. That is her immediate Family and her Art. Mpumalanga represents the few people in my life that fuel my creative spirit. Perpetual shout out to Patrick, Ingrid, Ceke, Kevin, Kami, Fabrice, Amplify crew, Arts@ALU fam and all of y’all. You know who you are. You give me Life. Life its damn self. You make me feel! You make me feel! You make me feel like a natural creative. My creative soul is in the right place and headed in the right direction. Full throttle.

Amplify Akoma arrived at a time when I consider myself better equipped to take on this beautiful fight. The Creative Fight. We needed the Tribe years ago but better late than never. 

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