Because brothers don't let each other wander in the dark alone

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When I was a child, stumbling along the potholed roads of a Nairobi estate, passers-by would stop to comment on how much my brother and I were similar in appearance and whether we were twins. Despite being a year older than him I would always reply in the affirmative. There was not much difference between us other than the fact that he lived and breathed football whereas I read so-called ' boring' books. He also had the most abominable handwriting the world has ever seen.

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As we grew up we remained the best of friends and we still are in a way. Though he is far more popular than I am, possibly more handsome and taller; we still have our nonsensical conversations and share similar likes and dislikes. As one matures, relationships reshape themselves into complex abstractions with deeper meaning than what is beyond the surface

Deep down, I don't believe my brother has ever known what it feels like to have been me: bullied, shunned by those who mistook my silence for weakness, depressed, turned down by the person I admired and prone to mood swings. Things come quite easy for him and I realized that though we are brothers we are not the same. He is no longer that toddler who yelled at my mother to make him ( specifically ) " toasted bread with Blueband" for breakfast every. single. day. He has matured into an artistic genius who never answers his phone when it's urgent and borrows my clothing when I need it most. One thing is for sure, we will never allow each other to walk alone. Our sibling relationship encompasses the motto and drive of Liverpool football club: You will never walk alone. I believe that our support for each other might just outmatch that of a die hard Gor Mahia fan... probably.

Many forces have conspired to drive a wedge between us but I will not allow them to do so. I grew up with my brother following me around just as I followed around my elder sister. The bond of siblings should be almost as strong as that of a mother and a child. If a mother can lift a car to save her newborn can't a brother or sister do the same? We have fought and made up and there are times I wonder if he ever truly listens to me or values our relationship. I know it's difficult because men are supposedly afraid to show true emotion. However, in movies where the tough guy breaks down and cries you know for sure that what he is expressing is as raw and powerful as can be. In my heart I know that one day he will come to me and say," Thank you for walking beside me. Thank you for sacrificing your popularity so I could wear that amazing jeans trouser you fancied." And I would say pretty much the same.

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