Paddling on Sand

If you think something is off about these pictures, then you're right. What is supposed to be water is gradually solidifying into dry land. And this looks like just the beginning.

Recently, I visited Ilaje community at Bariga along with a couple of friends. This community is a slum on the bank of the Lagos lagoon. One thing that strikes you about this place is the happiness of the people. They don't seem bothered by the seeming low standard of living. They go about their daily life, fishing. The kids too are always happy.

About 500 meters, across the third Mainland bridge, there's a Julius Berger construction going on (image 3). As a result of this the  waters on the shore of the Ilaje community is gradually solidifying.

This is a very serious issue as locals now have to paddle what is almost land. Imagine having to paddle a canoe on solid ground. 

The locals have complained to the authorities about the adverse effect their construction is causing. The response they got was that after the construction, they will try to channel the water back. This doesn’t sound like a tangible promise but time will tell. This is not the first time people have been told to be patient. It’s like the norm here. In the process of solving a problem, the authorities expect you to be patient. 

I believe in the process of running a feasibility study before commencing a project, situations like this should have been noted and probable solutions foreseen. Every life should matter, the well-being of the community shouldn't be an afterthought.

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