Authentic Self

Intelligent, charismatic, successful, rich, educated, influential name it all. We all want to possess all these qualities. We want to be that person who walks into a room and everybody feels your presence. Ever wondered how Margaret Thatcher did it or Chimamanda Adichie just to mention a few. There is always this person who you admire, secretly or openly. Perhaps your heart skips a beat just by the mention of their name or maybe it doesn't, who says it has to? It could be your mother, your father or a friend. People need someone to look up to. That is for sure but should we take it so seriously? Why do people struggle so much for perfection trying to be who they are not?

Each person has a calling from above and how we use it is a sacred privilege. You can never be someone else and no one can be you. Never be so desperate to copy the next person. That is how people get depressed. It is often said that there is a difference between a person who spends their free time with you and a person who frees their time just to be with you. It's natural to want to be accepted by someone else but things don't always turn out how we want them to.

Just how much do we end up 'idolizing' the people we want to emulate? How far do we go just to make them notice us? It's not a bad thing but it's also not so good either. At times we end up making the wrong choices and falling into bad company. The principle is, go for what you want, if you can dream it, you can achieve it but you have a different story. You can never be your mentor, friend or role model. Pause for a moment, breathe and celebrate your life more than you celebrate someone else.

Remember, nobody is perfect, not even the role model you idolize so much. Only God is perfect. Don't stop looking up to someone just because you found out they are not what you imagined. The hardest thing to do is walking away but that is something we have to do some day. Some people or things were never meant to stay in your life but they were meant to teach you a lesson and carry on.

In order for you to see yourself as a separate entity, you have to work on your self esteem. See the good in you. You may not be the most beautiful or richest but you have a candle that shines and that is what matters.

Authenticity is beautiful, it is rich. It frees you from the crowd. It makes you see the sun as something that lights your day and not that which burns your poor forehead. Choose to be authentic.

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