A world of Myth, Folklore and Fantasy from the Motherland. 

"The Newborn saga is an epic fantasy series set in ancient Africa. Long ago a great ancient EVIL sought to engulf Creation. The celestial council came together and created a solution to this uprising. They created the NEWBORN spirits. Pure in heart and noble in the cause of regaining balance in the realms of existence. They vanquished the evil threat and banished it to eternal darkness. Millenniums have passed and a curse EONS old is set in motion to unleash terror once more. The tribes must unite to vanquish this great Evil."

The award winning comic set to tell the story of Africa using folklore and myths taken from various tribes, countries and race. The beauty of the stories stem from the ability to bring these diverse people and stories from the Yoruba empire in South Western Nigeria, to the Asante kingdom in Ghana to the Berber people predominantly in Morocco. And weave them in one single tapestry and deliver it whole. Africa in recent times and age has been embroiled in a single story 'Poverty and poor leadership'. What we are trying to do, is selling Africa to the world, using an era most of the view us as brutes and backward.

The Chronicles of the New Born due to its success at the last edition of the Lagos Comic Convention and growing reputation in the comic, animation and gaming industry was able to raise about $9,000 for the production of the comic from 20pages to a full graphic novel of over 180pages, with accompanying merchandises like T-Shirts and Toys. Our goal is to create much needed awareness about Africa and the values it's has to contribute to the world as an inter-dependent system.

The Issues #0 is available @ newbornsaga.com, okadabooks.com kugali.com free and the graphic novels and other issues will be available by April and can be pre-ordered at newbornsaga.com, and will be made available soon on other distribution platforms.

Chronicles Of the new born or NewBorn Saga is produced by Peda Studio, based in Lagos State, Nigeria.


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