Timothy’s father gifted him a fabric. 

Rich, grey, Australian Merino wool with faint maroon and blue pin stripe, classic with a twist. Timothy, an Image Consultant, knew that it would take more than a quick cut to get this perfect. 

The fabric made this suit. 

We must take a moment with the suit. 



English style, a relaxed fit unlike the close fit Italian style or peak lapels, flap pockets that turn into jetted pockets (for formal occasions). Sleeve that lands between 1/4 - 1/2 an inch shorter than shirt sleeve. The button stance - the first button on the collar - not too high, not too low.  A gift. 


Find the tailor who would make this was more than just looking for business: it's a relationship, a love. Tried and testing, swiping right and left, dates that don't quite work. Until you meet the one. 

The one. 

A blind date, from a dear friend and Friend Walove. Someone who understood him, wasn't afraid to be challenged, lover of detail and stitching. 

The One. 

Each suit featured here, tailored by The One.

Timothy is very good at what he does. 

"I’ll make you look like that guy in the magazine,” he says, calm, certain, the tone a physicist uses to speak of physics. His own clothes reflect that, styling and modelling his own clothes this shoot. Turning his father’s gift turned bespoke suit from business day look to formal wear.  He studied clothes, completing a course in Menswear Image Consulting from the Studio for Image Professionals. He speaks about the elements that make a suite like a surgeon would about the body, precise. and informed. 

A consultation with him is navigating not just your body type or colour story, but your goals, your intention, your life and building an image around that.  It’s about taking what you have, like the wool, his father gifted him, and shaping it to reflect you. 

He offers consulting services for men and for commercial spaces seeking to revamp their image. 

And, before you ask, no I didn’t get his tailor’s name. Its a closely guarded secret.

You’ll have to ask him. 

Clothes, Styling & Modelling: Timothy Kayima | Photography & Layout: Anne Moraa

Contact Timothy via email (timothy.kayima5@gmail.com) Instagram @Timothykayima

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