Anita Pearl - The Female Painter Redefining Mural Painting In Ghana.

Young and gifted  are the apt epithets that describe Ghanaian female painter, Anita-Pearl Minnabang Ankor.

Not many young female university graduates would find painting estimable, but Anita-Pearl is proud of her occupation as a painter and does it with passion and all her heart.

Her ability to paint walls and do interior decorations is really enthralling. The confidence she exudes and the high level of professionalism she attaches to her work is just amazing.

When Eugene Selorm Owusu met up with the 23- year-old painter last week, she pointed out that she does not feel intimidated by the fact that the painting fraternity in Ghana is dominated by males. 

She went on to say that she feels so special to be one of the very few female painters in Ghana creating buzzes with their unique mural paintings.

Narrating how she got into painting, she said "It's always funny when I say this but then boredom pushed me to start drawing which later led to painting. 

“ During my long vacation in 2014, I was out of books to read so I went on Instagram and I chanced upon an art page. I later decided to try my hands on drawing since I already knew I had a special knack for it. 

“A year later, I met a painter who showed me the magic he creates on walls and I was automatically drawn to it. Since then I've also been painting."

She continued, "For someone who has been painting for less than a year, I think I am doing exceedingly well. There has been some few hitches but then I have learnt a great deal from them, and that has made me better.”

Anita-Pearl who read Agricultural Science with Post Harvest Technology as her major at the University of Ghana, Legon told Showbiz that she's pursuing painting as a full-time career and would like to see her fledgling art company, NYTAZ Arts expand with employed workers on a payroll.

Aside painting, Anita-Pearl draws very well and has done mind-blowing portraits for her clients. The dexterity she displays whenever she holds the pencil is awe-inspiring.

The native of Nandom-Tokuu in the Upper-West Region of Ghana also likes to write poems and short stories, read novels, swim, play basketball and watch movies.

Born to Christian Ghanaian parents in the mid 90s, Anita-Pearl had her basic education at the University Primary and Junior High School located at the University of Ghana Legon campus. She then proceeded to Mfantsiman Girls’ Senior High School.

In 2011, she enrolled at the University of Ghana, Legon where studied Agricultural Science with Post Harvest Technology as her major. 

Anita-Pearl has some advice for her fellow female painter who aspires to be like her.

"To be honest, a lazy person cannot work in the painting field. It's not an easy job because it needs a lot of physical energy.

“Sometimes you have to stand for 12 hours straight to get a job done, hence, you must have the passion for it else you will give up easily," she advised.

"You also need to invest both your time and money. Just make sure you set your goals and work towards it. If your plans do not work, change the plans, not the goals. 

“You can't be more if you do only what you think you can do. You must always do something out of your comfort zone and test yourself. Dream big, start small, start now, stay focused and keep your eyes on your goals," she quickly added.

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