And who said 'Life begins at 40'?

I have watched several shows and interviews of successful business people. They usually carry the same script of ‘Life begins at 40 and the fun starts at 50’ but who are we kidding. Let's cut back some slack AND explore all the options. 

If someone told you, you would launch your business successfully at 25, that's a no brainer. But what if, they told you that business success would come later in life, let's say, at 70years! That would call for a dance to ‘Korede Bello’s Godwin.' 

Three years ago, 70-year-old Adela Rwabudariko, started her peanut butter business in Rwanda. At a time when many her age have retired, she wasn't deterred from venturing into entrepreneurship. 

A strong, intelligent and happy woman, Adela prefers to be called ‘kaka’ which means grandma in Kinyarwanda language. She employs two young ladies, who were once her students many years ago. 

For over 35 years Adela lived in exile in Nairobi, Kenya where she worked with the United Nations. When she repatriated back to Kigali, she taught and trained several girls in Art and Crafts before she started her current business, 'Humura peanut butter' that has become a household name. 

She gets a number of orders from some of the biggest supermarkets in Kigali. With a dream to export to Europe in the next 10 years, she believes at 83 years she will have a huge market outside the continent.

A chat with Adela at her workplace. 

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