The Price Of Not Voting

The whole world was watching and it's all over now but I still don't know how to react at the fact that Trump actually managed to persuade majority of US voters that he was indeed America's best choice. I really don't.

All I know is that come next year, I don't want to have to feel this way, all mixed up inside.

Majority of Kenyans don't realize just how serious the next election might be, a determiner of our children's future and that of their children. Still, political tension has already began to rise and despite efforts by Members of Parliament to postpone the big giant from clawing itself into our homes, the date has already been set; 8th of August, 2017 in accordance to the Kenyan Supreme law that elections must be done on the first Tuesday of August during the 5th year of the reigning regime.

The Blame Game

It was all over the internet; Twitter, Facebook, even famous celebrities like Miley Cyrus breaking down into tears on snapchat over the results of the US elections

Someone blaming someone who's blaming someone, who's blaming someone else. 

An endless cycle of regret, or not.. for others, some are quite pleased that Trump won. In their eyes, he's an outsider of the un-ending corrupt political regime, a 'business guy' who truly understands their needs and willing to bring about the exact change they've all been waiting around for.

However, one thing is certain. America now stands divided more than ever.

But as for other countries, can we learn from this? Can we all just take a step back, analyze, understand and finally treat global issues with the seriousness they deserve?

There is major distrust of leaders and rebellion against governments. 

People are tired of misrepresentation and America's Donald Trump might just be one of many more world leadership surprises to come.

Instagram  & Twitter comics @drewtoonz  & @claytoonz manage to hilariously capture the events leading up to the US election and eventually Trump's victory.

We all  remember that time when U.S lost it's original sweetheart,

Bernie Sanders at the Democratic Party presidential primaries

(FUN FACT: a major reason as to why young voters became disinterested with the elections anyway)...

-to the battle between two very questionable individuals-

Why Do We Vote?

So why do we vote? 

We can all agree that it's not any fun having to leave the house early just to arrive at a polling station and stand in line for hours. But then, why do we do it?

"When more people vote,

they increase the chance that the issues that are important to them are taken seriously.

If a minority votes,

there is a risk that their preferences do not represent the majority.

In addition to voting ensuring that issues are heard, it is a privilege that is relatively young in society."

We vote so that our voices can be heard. Through casting votes, we are actually speaking to elected officials and lawmakers on our concerns on matters like education, health care,public safety, social security and other important issues.

The Twitter Generation

People have to start taking voting a little more seriously now, especially the youth,  the world's majority (but don't seem to realize that there is power in numbers.. or rather,no power in spoiled votes and a brief laugh and likes on their Twitter accounts)

Below: a perfect depiction of the constant urge we have today to constantly post & get approval from strangers on the internet.

Completely dis-concerned about issues around us, be it voting, global warming or clean water in our neighborhoods.

Ignorance is indeed bliss for most of us. Probably not our fault but a consequential result of all the corruption we see from our world leaders, making us feel powerless and unable to bring about any change.

But it's time to say no to all that. As I said initially, let's learn from the past couple of months as we sat back watching the United States in all its confusion, before we opt to make the same mistakes.

With the Kenyan elections coming up, I want to vote and hopefully have it make a difference as I urge my peers to do the same. I admit that I haven't had faith in the election system for a while now, but change won't come unless we push for it. 

So if you're reading this, find information on how to get registered as a voter so that when it's finally time, we can all get out and vote. There is power in numbers.. You do have a voice and it is your choice to believe in it.

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