"I am lost in a world that constantly begs me to despise my own kind

Though not from the same womb, we share a heritage,

a set of emotions and walk on the same soil.

A force that has to be reckoned with is that I should love my sister irregardless.

Unfortunately, I have to be rational for my opinions to be recognized

More reason for most feminists to be ignored as they only want to be heard rather than be listened to. 

My whole being would rather run from it’s physical self

in order to break free from my own demon that constantly visits me at night.

She knows how much I seek peace and resilience,

She knows the depth of sisterhood

She knows that the guy I like will set us apart

She knows that the insecurities I have will distract me from being confident

my weight, my complexion, my physic, my big nose…

See! She reminds me of my meaningless worries thus I forget that my sister needs me.

Instead, I see her as competition

She’s better than me

But I won’t let that happen

I’ve forgotten the essence of self worth and appreciation,

adorably stupid."

(dedicated to the beautiful African women that continue

to stand in love & strength and empower each other everyday)

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