[Aminatu Aliyu] Africa and the ICC


African countries have started feeling the urge to leave the International Criminal Court as they see it as a neo-colonial institution that has most of its cases coming from the continent. The Gambian president stated the Court has still not indicted former UK PM Tony Blair for the Iraq War and added that the ICC was "an international Caucasian court for the persecution and humiliation of people of colour especially Africans".

Burundi was the first country to announce it was leaving the court after the post-election violence, then Gambia followed and has already pulled out of it and South Africa has started the process of pulling out too. This started when the African Union proposed to leave the ICC however, now the African Union is pleading its members to stay and fix it.

Featured Image: http://www.humanosphere.org/world-politics/2016/10/africas-complicated-relationship-with-the-international-criminal-court/

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