So this is me again, on course to tell you how Day 2 of Social media week Lagos went, barring any deviations off tangent, I will try my hardest to keep to the things directly related to Social Media Week Lagos and not the fact that hours past the event I intended being present for, hustling to get in as early as I could manage, which in this case was anytime before the events of today would end, I was a victim of a gorgeous young female's sympathy driven scam. Yup, off point, so back to the matter, Social Media Week Lagos Day 2. My takeaways.

Where two or three are gathered 

Primarily comprised of filmmakers and film critics to consume and or simultaneously discuss film there can I be found, pleased, joyous, excited (but poker faced still, ha ha).
This explains why on the second day of SMW lagos 2017 I opted for an independently organised event hosted by Real Time Film Festival at the Genesis deluxe Cinema which involved film screenings and Q&A sessions with directors, producers and other Industry related individuals.

Seeing as I got interviewed again today, 

and gave quite a lengthy answer to two quick questions concerning employing the medium of film to drive social change and awareness, maybe I'm not so introverted after all. Or maybe I like to talk anyone's ear off when the topic of discussion revolves around film.

I might have discovered the inner groupie in me. 

Real Time Film Festival is run by a man I can call my teacher, Stanley Ohikhuare. And so meeting him at his festival's event at Social Media Week on Tuesday was quite the opportunity to take the first of our unserious pictures for the year.

Tolu Ajayi always has stuff to say that is bound to have you go 'Hmmmm' for quite a bit. he has 'hmmm-ability'. His films happen to have the same effect on us humans manifold times. It was why seeing The Encounter screen for the umpteenth time, people like me were still awestruck. And then we were enthralled by the incredible stories behind the making of film about a most tumultous time in Nigeria's history. So I took a picture too.

i have somehow consigned myself to the fringe of this picture because, am I worthy to stand this close to awesomeness?

Leaving the Island (Victoria Island)...

early (anytime from 5:30 till 8:00 pm) to head back to the mainland falls under the category of bad decisions. This is a lesson I seem to always forget.

I have to be at a panel scheduled for 9am tomorrow...

 If I make it on time I'll finally score my first 1 for punctuality so far out of 3 days.

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