Professor Makau Mutua is competent for next Kenyan CJ

Before you go on condemning Professor Makau Mutua for his personal beliefs and standing with his statements, at least you should get a glimps of who the man really is.

Makau Mutua was born in 1958 in Ukambani Kitui area of Kitui County where he attended local schools before joining Kitui High school and later joined alliance high school for his A levels.

He joined buffalo law school and graduated with a bachelor of law before joining university of Nairobi for his masters degree

The 1982 fight for multi party fixed him as a student at Nairobi university and he had to flee from the then government and applied for an united nations refugee status in Tanzania by the being led by Mwalimu julias Nyerere who gave him the chance to finish his studies at the university of Dar-el- salaam

Professor Makau mutual quest forn education and fighting for the Kenyan people did not end there as he further continued to Harvard school of law and advanced his law career

In 2008 former president Mwai kibaki appointed him to lead the truth justice and reconciliation committee which he was double sure of his abilities and strengths.

He is a member of the Sigma Pi Phi fraternity, the first Greek-letter society founded by African-American men in the United States.

He was appointed as a board director of  Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation by Governor Andrew Cuomo to a three-year term in 2012 and also served  as a corruption investigator in New York to the Moreland commission to Investigate Public Corruption in 2013.

Despite Professor Makau mutual being a free thinker without anyone influencing his mind or taking sides in political parties he is one of the most respected and intelligent black lawyer in the United States of America and shares the bench with the most brilliant attorneys in the world thus being one of the most intelligent lawyer in the globe

Professor makau mutual is a Law lecturer at buffalo law school and also he is a family man with a wife and five children, three sons and two daughters.

Somehow if Professor Makau Mutua was to think the Kenyan way he would be lost in another world but blame not the man he is what he at his best , for the world should not change your personality but your personality should change the world.


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