Kenyan politics at the expense of development

The poor state of the roads and lack of infrastructural development in Kenyan devolved states is not as a result of mismanagement of funds or the incompetence of the leaders but its because of the disunity among the leaders

In the recent past every leader has been willing to rise to power with the politicians thinking of the higher seat. The gubernatorial seat has posed to be one of the highest seats to the politicians though it calls for a manager

The disunity among the leaders is not only hindering the development in the areas but also blocking the residents to see what’s going on in the political world and the antagonistic leader gains the credits for his malicious work

The members of parliament who want to be vying for the gubernatorial seat in the next general election are doing everything possible to discredit the sitting governor’s work or even sabotaging their county government in order the residents to lose faith in the government

Moreover most of the infrastructural developments have been hindered by the same leaders who rush to court to burr the county government from carrying out their work in developing the area and most of the major projects are left hanging in the excuse of not properly procured or other issues which most of the times don’t make any sense

A section of a potholed road in central Kenya, most of the county roads are in a similar state or even worse than this all because of dirty politics.

The residents are too blind folded by bursaries and free talks where they fail to notice that the free money and education grants they receive from the politicians are the same money they pay to their government as taxes and if the leaders are let to do their work the schools would be constructed and the standards of education raised such that no one would be required to pay anything as school fees

For the politicians they need the residents to become helpless so as they seem like they are the only solution to the problems they face in their day to day lives

Kenyans should manner up and start focusing on the development and also discredit the politicians who are up to gain popularity in the expense of development

If one cant play objective politics while he holds a member of county assembly seat what will make him objective when he gets a higher seat?


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