Ain't going home.

In the midst of nowhere, he wondered to find his true self

On his way, he made deals with devils. He made love to angels. He carried on.

They thought he was lost but truth is: he never wanted to go home.

The jungles, the forest, the darkness, the ocean, the unknown. That’s the fun part of his life.

He once was pitied and awoken by a snake, he then woke and had it for breakfast

He despised cages, norms and rules.

He was free, at least he seemed so.

In the midst of nowhere, he stumbled and fell

Down on his knees, he refused to say a prayer

His heart dubious, his mind oblivious

His eyes stayed on the watch

His soul grew sour, he held on to his bottle

He feared being sober, so he made sure he always had some beer money

His convictions altered, he can’t conceive how he was once an altar boy

He knows few things but he believes that hope is all it takes

But now he is not sure what to hope for: Peace, Money, People, Love, Family…..

He is truly lost but still he doesn’t want to go back home.

Whatever it is you call 'HOME'.

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